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Professionals from the world of football, a team made up of professionals from Italy and Spain

The professionals who have contributed to the creation of the Emiscouting courses are technicians, match analysts, scouts, sports directors and data analysts from Italy and Spain, all part of the world of professionalism. In addition to being course director, I am currently an international scout in professional leages and chief scout of our scouting network for football agencies. Like thousands of kids, I started with this dream when I started on football pitches as a child. In youth football, at 13, there was something that triggered a particular mechanism. That something was the introduction of tactics. From that moment on, a training period began between Italy, Spain, England and Netherlands, during which I acquired knowledge as a coach, match analyst, scout, data analyst and sports director. Above all, the Nivel 1 (UEFA B) and Scouting and Sports Management courses in Spain, Level 1, 2, 3 in Match Analysis & Scouting in England, and a year of training at Ajax FC.

At 23 years old, I was given an opportunity to collaborate as a match analyst in a Serie B team. After a season of sacrifices and a private life at an all-time low, I found myself in telephone contact with the sporting director of another team... this time from Serie A: Parma Calcio. Proposal: international scout. I accept, and now at the age of 30, I am in my seventh year of professionalism during which I have been lucky enough to grow, travel, make my knowledge as a scout, match analyst, data analyst and sports director, growing my relationships with the protagonists of the world of football. This is a brief summary of my studies and professional experience, and I will be happy to share everything I have learned through online courses, to help you make a change in your career too!


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