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There are 5 online courses organized by us: MATCH ANALYSIS BASIC course, MATCH ANALYSIS PRO course, SCOUTING BASIC course, SCOUTING PRO course and DATA ANALYSIS course. During our training and professional experience, the search for the right course to follow has always been a very important factor and for this very reason, our staff will make available through the courses what we have learned in recent years, with the aim of making it available to everyone through an advantageous price. Once the courses are completed, students will be given access to the software,  to job offers, and all the resulting opportunities. Below, all the details to discover contents, characteristics and progress!


The MATCH ANALYSIS courses are aimed at all those who want to learn and discover everything related to professional match analysis. During the chapters, the entire procedure for building our professional analysis will be outlined. All phases of the game will be analyzed and studied, nothing will be left apart. We will look at the relationship between match analysis and statistics. Real examples of matches will help us understand and analyze all phases of the game.  We will learn to draw up a professional analysis through tools and software within everyone's reach, and other highly professional ones! Finally, if increasing your competence is your goal, if hiring professionalism is a priority and if entering football as a match analyst is your dream, the MATCH ANALYSIS courses are the ones for you!

SCOUTING courses

The SCOUTING courses aim to train aspiring scouts who dream of carrying out this stimulating profession. The scout is an essential figure within a Club and in recent years the demand has increased because for companies (large and small) it is of fundamental importance to have the best possible network in terms of knowledge of football profiles. The courses will provide knowledge about the technical, tactical, psychological and extra-football details whe need to discover watching players. We will learn how to write a technical sheet, and very important advice will be provided that can make the difference between an amateur scout and a professional. If you want to seize the opportunity that the football world is giving to the figure of the scout, we are waiting for you at SCOUTING courses!

the DATA ANALYSIS course

The DATA ANALYSIS COURSE is the correct choice for those who want to enter the world of football through a pioneering, young and innovative profession. The world of football runs fast, and recently (after the explosion in England) this professional figure is starting to make headway in the rest of Europe, in a field still devoid of particular competition. Data collection and analysis specialists can support clubs and agencies, considerably improving the performance of footballers from a physical to a technical-tactical point of view. Furthermore, specialization in this field enriches the value of Match Analysts and Scouts which make skills and CVs even more complete. Innovation, technology and job opportunities: these are the watchwords of this course.

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