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. Where are the courses held?

  The courses are completely online, so you can follow the course from the comfort of your home, organizing your time according to your needs

. Are the courses "recognized"?

 Ours are private training courses that will certify training in match analysis, scouting and data analysis, and once the training course is completed you will be able to receive a regular contract.

. Will a certificate be issued upon completion of the courses?

  Certain! Once you have completed the courses, you will be subjected to an exam to verify your learning and you will receive a certificate of participation, access to job offers and various software, within 48 hours!

. How long do the courses last?

  The entire training course lasts more than 26 hours, and each course has an average duration of 5 and a half hours.

. If I can't get into the limited number of students, I will have other opportunities to    follow the courses?

Certain! Once you have contacted us, in case the maximum number of participants  has already been reached, we will reserve a place for you on the next course.


The most frequently asked questions

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